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Part Number: 960890001

Sustainer with powerful transducers

AEON is an infinite sustain device that produces powerful, prolonged notes, and swells of spaced-out sounds. Instead of being mounted at your feet like an effects pedal, AEON puts the effect where it matters most – right in the palm of your hand! Providing instant access to an entirely new world of amazingly-expressive guitar tones, AEON lets you tap into soaring bowed arpeggios, vibrantly-bouncing spiccato, volume swells, endless sustain, and sweeping legatos that can easily be mastered using a variety of simple techniques.
Product Attributes
Manufacturer TC ELECTRONIC
Effect Type Stompbox
Effect Category El. Guitar
Δενδροδιάγραμμα Κατηγοριών Προϊόντων [-ΜΙ Προϊόντα][Effects][Ηλεκτρικής Κιθάρας]
Model AEON
Part Number 960890001
Warranty 3 Years Warranty