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WOOFER 15" 800W

The 15W1600 offers you an incredible punch to your pro audio system. The 15SW1600 loudspeaker will offer you subwoofer type performance while enhancing your mid-bass stability and has a specially designed force air ventilation system to ensure proper cooling for long hard play. The Dual spider and woven surround offer precise movement along its impressive 7.6mm Xmax. The upgraded and advanced voice coil and cone material along with its ability to reproduce extremely low frequencies will forever make this your woofer of choice to replace your existing drivers. The large 4” voice coil accepts the abuse of higher power systems while staying cool with the side forced air cooling system
Product Attributes
Manufacturer PRV AUDIO
Application Concert, Installation, Portable PA
Component Type Woofer
Power (8Ω/Watt RMS) 800
Woofer (inches) 15
Model 15W1600