PolarChoice Boundary


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Polarchoice boundary mic

A member of the EV PolarChoice series of microphones, the PC Boundary is a low-profile microphone that can be used with virtually any mic mixer. With one non-directional and three directional polar patterns on board ( omni, cardioid, supercardioid or figure 8 ), PolarChoice microphones are ideal for virtually any installation. Audio Frequency Response 50 - 20,000 Hz, Impedance, Low-Z balanced 200 Ω, sensitivity 31,5 mV/Pascal.
Product Attributes
Microphone Type Wired
Capsule Microphone Condenser
Microphone Categorie Boundary
Frequency Response 50 έως 20000
Series Polar Choice series
Model PolarChoice Boundary
Part Number F01U120587
Warranty 3 Years Warranty