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Monitor Samsung 55"

Samsung UD55D LFDs with FHD can take your digital messaging to the next level thanks to unsurpassed Samsung bezel innovation. 36% more narrow than the existing UD55C, and unrivalled among all competitors, these never before seen 3.5mm bezel displays can amaze audiences when combined together to form seamless video walls with virtually no visual distraction. From 4 meters (13 feet) away UD55D bezels are invisible to the naked eye creating a truly uninterrupted image for optimized visual messaging. Use this cutting-edge display technology to entice customers into your retail shop, replace traditional whiteboards in your corporate meeting room or provide important real-time information in public places. Additionally, provide highly bright, vibrant picture quality without glare or blurriness to completely captivate audiences with a powerful viewing experience. * Incomparable 3.5mm bezel width : Market-leading 3.5mm ultra-narrow bezels (bezel to bezel) enable displays to deliver seamless, impressive images and superior brand experience * Enhanced picture quality : Full-HD resolution with new backlit dimming solution to improve contrast along with improved contrast ratio create outstanding picture quality * Innovative anti-glare panels : Anti-glare panels prevent dazzling glare from disrupting the view along with Anti-retention to reduce haze by 44%
Product Attributes
Manufacturer SAMSUNG
Application Installation
Resolution 1920 X 1080
Video Wall Yes
Contrast Ratio 10.000:1
Usb Media Player Yes
Screen Size (inches) 55
Brightness (cd/m²) 700