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Part Number: 000-CM5


Synthesizer module with dual 3340 analog oscillators. Analog signal path based on legendary VCO design. Semi-modular architecture with default routings requires no patching. Oscillator waveform control blends seamlessly between 5 shapes (tone mod, pulse, sawtooth, triangle, sine). Individual pulse width / tone mod control. Paraphonic mode allows both oscillators to be independently controlled. Self-oscillating, multi-mode VCF with dual output (e.g. LP+HP available on jacks). 2 analog ADSR generators for modulation of VCF and VCA. Multiple stage analog delay based on legendary BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) technology. Flexible LFO with five waveform shapes, MIDI clock sync and key sync. Noise generator expands waveform generation. Overdrive circuit. 36 controls and 7 buttons give you direct and real time access to all parameters. Utility functions including attenuators, multiples, slew rate limiter and summers. 32 in / 24 out jack matrix for an incredible amount of patching options. Patchable audio-rate sample and hold with glide for added creativity. Powerful headphone output with dedicated level control. External audio input for processing external sound sources. Comprehensive USB/Midi implementation for connection to keyboard/sequencer.
Product Attributes
Manufacturer BEHRINGER
Type Modular Synthesizer
Application Studio
OS Windows. Mac
Part Number 000-CM5
Warranty 1 Year Warranty