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Power amplifier 4χ1000W/4Ω/100V

The four channel DSA 8410 power amplifiers are a milestone in the design and production of high-powered installation power amplifiers. Unique flexibility through VLD. Each channel can be switched individually to provide 1000W / 2Ohms, 4 Ohms or to drive 70 Vrms or 100 Vrms loudspeaker lines directly without an output transformer. In combination with the RCM-810 module the user can configure these amplifiers under IRIS-Net using the Variable road Drive (VLD) to provide any output power in the range of 100W to 500/1000W per channel (1W increments) at any load in the range of 2 Ohms - 10 Ohms (0,1 Ohms increments).
Product Attributes
Manufacturer DYNACORD
Power (100V / 4Ω) per channel 1000
ΕΝ54 Yes
Channels Τετρακάναλος
Rack Mount Yes
Weight (kg) 11.1
Output Voltage 70V, 100V, 4Ω / 16Ω
Δενδροδιάγραμμα Κατηγοριών Προϊόντων [-Επαγγελματικός Ήχος][Ενισχυτές][Τελικοί]
Series DSA Series (Multi-Channel)
Model DSA8410
Part Number F01U100860
Warranty 3 Years Warranty